StickyTiles 3.0 released!

I’ve released a new update to StickyTiles! New in this version includes:

  • Use images as sticky backgrounds!
  • New streamlined and less cluttered UI
  • Edited tiles are now updated, not deleted and re-created
  • Now supports spellcheck and autocorrect

As always, all comments are welcome :) I hope you enjoy the new version!

Download StickyTiles

  • Claudiu Farcas

    Hi Juli.

    I like very much this utility, very helpful in day to day routine.
    Just wanted to point that IMHO v2.0 was a bit better in terms of usability – it was very easy use and interact with.
    On v3.0 when I try to change the font size my fingers always hit the textbox making soft keyboard appear and adding some unwanted characters.
    Also having the preview in the very left seems more natural for me as I cannot cover it with my hand while using it (so v2 was much better in this respect).
    Just my 2 cents.


  • nokiafan

    Very nive tool :)
    Would be nice, if you can make the levelbar for the font a bit larger, so that you can use it better with the fingers. It will be also better if this levelbar would be an the right side, so the most righthanded user can use it faster.
    thx for the free App! :)