How to change APN settings on T-Mobile Lumia 810

Nokia Lumia 810

T-mobile’s exclusive Nokia Lumia 810, my current phone, does not have a built-in way to change APN settings, so even if you unlock the phone, there seems to be no way to be able to use a data plan on another carrier as the APN settings appear to be hardcoded in the phone’s firmware and T-Mobile and/or Nokia have disabled Windows Phone’s native way of changing APN settings.

Thankfully, there is a way! It involves installing Nokia’s Access Point app available for European Lumia 820 and 920 devices, which will let you change APN settings on WP8 Lumias. Here’s how:

  1. On the phone, visit the store page for the Access Point app or scan this QR code with Bing Vision:
    Scan QR code
  2. Install the Access Point app
    Access Point app in the store
  3. Once installed, go to Settings. At the very end, there should be a new item: Access Point. Open it.
    Access Point inside Settings
  4. Inside, you can now change your APN or add a new one!
    Change APN inside app

Many thanks to merikacore in the WPCentral forums for discovering this workaround!!!

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  • Simon

    is it useful?

  • Simon

    Maybe this APP can useful for Lumia810 ,but ,I don`t know it can useful on Lumia928? Who can tell me ?

  • jari

    This was great advice. Now using my awesome unlocked T-MOB Nokia Lumia 810 without any data transfer problems in Finland with local SIM

  • Ani

    Thank you very much!!! I bought a T mobile Nokia Lumia 810factory unlocked and the agent in my telephone company did not know how to set it to work with it!!
    I told him I would look at an internet forum about the problem and …. Voila!!!
    Your advise was my solution. I went to them and show them how to do it!!
    He was surprised!!! jajajaja

  • Philippe Riondel

    Many Thanks Juliana, it worked perfectly for my 520, which was unable to connect to a yet visible 3G network. Access Point made it possible in 3 seconds..

  • thatguy

    much appreciated!!!

  • GG

    Thank you very much…. Voila!!! It is working…

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    Thank you! finally worked

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    thank you! thank you! thank you!… been fighting for a week to get my phone working, then I found your post and had it fixed in less than two minutes.

  • Bri

    this is awesome!! i can finally use my phone in south america thanks!!!

  • carmelita

    Access point stopped working. I cannot send/receive photos. What can I do.

  • Trsmith

    Thanks so much. I went quite a while without data.

  • Alan

    Thanks a bunch. Cricket wanted be to buy a new phone because their tech support could not fix it.

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    gracias. solo tu me ayudaste

  • Jason

    does not work with windows 10 mobile (lumia 929 Icon) .. :(