Google Chrome Extensions: Postponer


Postponer is a pair of Chrome extensions to add to and manage your Read It Later reading list.

Postponer integrates RIL’s great bookmarklets with Chrome’s interface for a simple way to manage your reading list.

Postponer Adder adds an icon in the Chrome address bar for quickly adding items to your reading list. It also adds an icon next to every article Google Reader to add it to your reading list.

Postponer Manager adds an icon in the Chrome toolbar to open your reading list with all your unread items. From there, you can open items, mark as read, etc. It can also show the number of unread items in your list on an icon badge (go to the Options page to enable this).

The extensions were designed to be used together, but can also be used on their own. The reason why there are two extensions is because Chrome does not allow one extension to add icons to both the address bar and the toolbar.


You can download both extensions from the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery.

Download Postponer Adder

Download Postponer Manager


Code open source under the GPL 2.0 and is available at

Postponer is still under development and may be buggy. Please report any issue at


Postponer Adder
Postponer Manager
  • I was also in Redmond as SDET intern this summer and that’s a great plugin and you know what I have visited your website before. You’re doing good, keep up working, nice to know you! :)

  • Djdieben

    Great extension! Maybe clicking the postponer icon a second time should close the window though, rather than showing it again after a blink. Confused me at first, is what I’m saying. 

  • Jobran

    thanks ! 

  • SolidZORO


  • Simonblackley

    Brilliant! Thanks. “They already are in the official gallery”. Yes, they are, but the link on Read It Later’s own Chrome Apps page leads to your page and not to the official gallery. This could be off-putting for some people. I think you’ll get more downloads if you can change it.

  • Tolga BALCI

    Juliana, that’s a great extension. Thank you!

    Cheers from Istanbul, Turkey

  • Anonymous

    awesome extension!

  • Iván Leis

    Gracias, funciona perfecto bajo Mac OS X 10.6.8, buen trabajo, saludos desde España.

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  • Efrenlopezfernandez

    Gracias desde el otro lado del Atlántico, en Vigo.
    Funcionan muy bien las dos extensiones, salvo la parte del icono en cada noticia de Google Reader.
    Lo dicho, muchas gracias.

    • Efrenlopezfernandez

      Funciona bien. Solamente había que reiniciar Chrome. :-)

  • Yuval Shafir

    Muchas gracias hermosa, me sirves buenisimo.
    Yuval de Israel

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  • Winfried Terhalle

    Hello Juliana!
    Why isn’t it possible to save in google reader with one click? Now I have to click three times (including closing the little window) to mark one article.

    Sorry for my english. Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  • Matthias

    Hey there,

    really nice extension, thank you!

    Greetings from Nuremberg, Germany


  • Pet

    Great extensions. Thank you! (and lovely to see a fellow gamer/coder girl making awesome stuff!)

  • Good job. My life is easier with it

  • Ivo Sillé

    Thanks for this! Seems to be exactly what i was looking for.

  • Arikn1979

    he ask me to log in????

  • seoj

    Are you going to update this extension with Pocket? I hope you do because this is my favorite RIL extension!!!

  • Funciona muy bien, sólo veo un detalle. 
    Si hago click en un enlace, abre el enlace pero no lo marca como leído, entonces tengo que ir de nuevo a la extensión y marcarla.

    Sería mejor si tuviera la opción de abrir y marcar como leído, o también abrir en segundo plano y luego decidir si marcar como leído sin cerrar la ventana de la extensión, algo así hace Readmine (buggy)

  • Lee

    Have you updated it to work with POCKET… formerly Read It Later??

  • It says to sign on but I don’t have any account. Where can I sign up?

  • I think it’s time to update them. :)

  • Lamont Briggs

    I didn’t think I’d need something like this, but when using a read later type of extension stuff starts to build up and get confusing. I’m not always very organized, so this is great. And best of all it works perfectly with torch browser.

    • unsu

      Jose Silva

      El 09/09/2013, a las 02:29, “Disqus” escribió: