WinMilk: a Windows Phone 7 Remember the Milk client

WinMilk is a Windows Phone client for the awesome to-do list service, Remember the Milk. WinMilk lets you view your RTM tasks by date, list, smart list and tag, as well as search. WinMilk also lets you add new tasks with RTM’s Smart Add syntax and complete, postpone and edit tasks. The app caches data locally so you can see your tasks even if you do not currently have a network connection.

WinMilk is available for FREE in the Windows Phone 7 App Marketplace. Just click the button below to download it. WinMilk in open source and is available at Codeplex.

Download WinMilk from the WP7 Marketplace

Support WinMilk

WinMilk is a free and open-source project. If you like WinMilk, you can help support it in a number of ways:


WinMilk is made possible thanks to other awesome projects:

What People are Saying

“Excellent App For RTM users. Works with free account. Feel safe accounts are backed up to the cloud. Good use of metro interface.” – RockyMehta

“This is amazing!  Do you realize you have solved the entire Outlook task sync with Windows Phone 7?” – VanRealty

“I was delighted to discover WinMilk in the Zune Marketplace the other day.  I’ve resurrected my Remember the Milk account and moved my Outlook tasks to it.” – Prof Julie


Demo Video

  • Jason Perry

    I’m going to say yeah… it’s dead.  I’ve had several emails to the developer go unanswered.  The code hasn’t been touched in a year.  He’s not responding to people here.

    That’s too bad.  This has the beginnings of a great tool.  I guess it leaves the door open for someone to fill these shoes…

  • Anonymous

    Yep. Looks pretty dead to me. Moved on to CleverToDo a long time ago while waiting for an updatable Live Tile. That dev has continued to update/add new features and he has shared some exciiting stuff with me that’s just around the corner.

  • Pjc

    Your last post was 8 months ago.  Do you plan on doing anything with this app?  The “System.Argument Exception value does not fall within expected range” error is an issue for one.

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