WinMilk: a Windows Phone 7 Remember the Milk client

WinMilk is a Windows Phone client for the awesome to-do list service, Remember the Milk. WinMilk lets you view your RTM tasks by date, list, smart list and tag, as well as search. WinMilk also lets you add new tasks with RTM’s Smart Add syntax and complete, postpone and edit tasks. The app caches data locally so you can see your tasks even if you do not currently have a network connection.

WinMilk is available for FREE in the Windows Phone 7 App Marketplace. Just click the button below to download it. WinMilk in open source and is available at Codeplex.

Download WinMilk from the WP7 Marketplace

Support WinMilk

WinMilk is a free and open-source project. If you like WinMilk, you can help support it in a number of ways:


WinMilk is made possible thanks to other awesome projects:

What People are Saying

“Excellent App For RTM users. Works with free account. Feel safe accounts are backed up to the cloud. Good use of metro interface.” – RockyMehta

“This is amazing!  Do you realize you have solved the entire Outlook task sync with Windows Phone 7?” – VanRealty

“I was delighted to discover WinMilk in the Zune Marketplace the other day.  I’ve resurrected my Remember the Milk account and moved my Outlook tasks to it.” – Prof Julie


Demo Video

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  • Happy shipping!!

  • jimski

    Going to try this today but so far I like what I am seeing. I am sorely missing the Task functionality of Windows Mobile 6.5 and have been looking for a worthy replacment. I would be willing to buy you a whole bucket of coffee if you are up for the challenge. Actually I have posted a “bounty” at for a worthy Tasks/ToDo app, and WinMilk looks like a contender.

    One thing I would really like to see is a Live Tile showing a count of Due & Past Due Tasks (in red) that would need to be updated daily. My understanding is you need push notifcation to do that, but since you are already pushing this data it seems to me like it would work. I need to be remined when something is coming due. The other thing on my wish list is recurrence (not sure if that capability is already there) but I can work around that.

    Please tell me you can make this so. You would make me, and I am sure a lot of other people very happy.

    • Hi Jimski! Thanks for taking WinMilk into account for the bounty. I’m definitely trying to get Push Notifications into WinMilk as soon as possible. The caveat is that it will probably only update when the app is launched. I’m trying to see how I’ll make it work best. I’ll let you know when the feature is implemented.
      If you have any more recommendations for WinMilk, just let me know :)

    • jimski

      Thanks for responding Juliana. A Live Tile tied to opening the app would be a start but ideally it would happen in the background. I realize that would require some outside cooperation from the RTM site or somewhere else, so its just a wish for now. I am getting a text on the morning a task is due so if that prompted me to open the App, the tile would get updated.

      Aside from that I now have a better understanding of how RTM works, so fewer issues. Couple little nitpick things though;
      – Can the List Preference default to the RTM preference. My preference is set to Personal, but WinMilk always opens to Inbox (first on the list)
      – When adding a Task manually, maybe the Icon at the botton (Save) should look like the default Save icon instead of the + Add icon.
      – The Tasks screen appears a bit cluttered (as compared to the All Tasks screen for example). The fonts are the same size so maybe it’s just the lower case “later this week” and “no due” that is throwing my eyes off. Possibly indenting the tasks just a bit. Or, maybe I just need to get used to it.

      Other than that, it looks good. Took a bit to fully understand Smart Add but I think I have it now. Thanks for your efforts. Bought you a few cups of coffee to help inspire.

    • Getting push notifications to work might take a while because I’m having problems debugging them. I still don’t have a WP7 device and the emulator isn’t the best place to test this. Either way, I’ll contact the RTM team and see if they can help out.
      Setting default lists is a planned feature, but I’m still planning how this could work.
      I agree that the icon for saving tasks should match in both add and edit screens. That will change :)
      How would you recommend making the Tasks screen less cluttered? The idea is to have an overview of tasks that are overdue, due today, due tomorrow, due in the next 7 days, and with no due date. How would you improve this?

      I really love your feedback, and thanks for the coffee!

  • Rocky

    Does this work with the free RTM account or is a pro version required?

    • WinMilk works perfectly with both free and pro accounts. :)
      However, you do need a pro account if you want to use RTM pro features like Outlook Sync.

  • Does WinMilk support repeating tasks?

    • Not directly in WinMilk, but you can create recurring tasks in Remember the Milk and they will appear in WinMilk every time there’s a recurrence.

    • jimski

      You can add a recurrence through Smart Add without having to go to the RTM site. Tried it and it works!

  • Rocky


    You are amazing at your quick replies. Glad to see a developer so engaged.

    Question how do you edit a task in WinMilk? I can see my tasks and notes but can’t edit them, only complete or postpone.


    • Editing tasks will be added very soon. Stay tuned for an update in the next week or so.
      Adding and editing notes is coming in a later version too.

  • VanRealty

    this is amazing! do you realize you have solved the entire outlook task sync with Windows Phone 7!!!! this will also work with with Exchange accounts also. I have just tested it. Remember the Milk has an Outlook sync tool. I have not tried this with a Windows Phone 7 device as I do not have mine yet. But if it works as advertised this is the killer app! Is the Live Tile count working now?

    what about reminders? Does WinMilk have a reminder function?

    • Hi VanRealty! It’s great to know that WinMilk has been useful to you. LiveTiles are not in there yet, but they’re in the works (sneak peek: )

      Reminders are a different story. I want to get them working too, but that may take a while. For now, you can set up email and SMS reminders in RTM (go to > Settings > Reminders).

    • VanRealty

      What about applying your WinMilk app to Outlook Tasks through ActiveSync? Would that be possible? It would be great to have a solution that does not require RMT. I have no need for RMT but need tasks through Outlook on my WM7.

      I will surely be buying you a coffee as soon as I get my phone and can fully implement the solution.

      Do you contract out your programming services? I have a custom application in mind that you may be able to assist with.

    • The point of WinMilk is synchronizing with RTM. I don’t have any experience at all working with Exchange tasks, and I don’t use Exchange for tasks myself, so I really don’t see myself learning a new technology and making a free app for something I won’t use. RTM is a great system, in my opinion far better than Outlook tasks, and available across multiple platforms and on the web. I really encourage you to try it out.

      Also, I’d be happy to discuss working on a custom app. Just send an email to and we’ll talk about it.

  • Jfan

    Juliana rules. I wish she could charge for this ap. She deserves more than coffee!

  • neilc

    Hi Juliana – great app here!!
    Thanks for adding the task Edit function but are you planning to fully extend that feature and include the Task Repeat function in Edit mode?

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  • duginov

    Just got the app from marketlace, could not make initial download. It throws an exception right after authorizaton. Added as issue on Codeplex. Seems to be minor one. I hope it can be fixed within minutes

    • I looked at the report in Codeplex, it seems to be an issue with one of your smart lists. Make sure the filter for “status:” says either “completed” or “incomplete”. Yours seems to say “complete”.

    • winphonefan

      And it works after your suggested change. Woohoo! Way to go Juliana!! Thansk!

  • winphonefan

    Hi Julian,

  • winphonefan

    Hi Julian,
    I installed the app and logged in but when it first starts loadings tasks – I get a System.NotSupportedException and nothing happens after that. Any idea what could be wrong?

  • jimski

    Not sure about the Tasks screen Juliana. On the first couple days I only had one task in each of three or four lists, so there was a lot of header action going on. Now that I have 3 or 4 tasks in “each” list (except overdue, got to keep working on that LOL) things are more spread out and it looks a lot better. If I think of something I will let you know.

    Just an FYI. I wrote a (glowing) review of WinMilk over at And I see Test Freaks picked it up today. Hope it helps with your coffee consumption.

    On the wish list, any thoughts of adding write/edit access to notes in WinMilk. Don’t use them often but sometimes I do need to add some detail and if I don’t have to turn on my desktop all the better. Guess I could access RTM from my phone but that would probably not be a very (squint) enjoyable experience.


    • Thanks for the awesome review!! And editing notes is a planned feature, stay tuned :)

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  • Guy

    Hi Juliana

    Great app but I am getting an error after authorising.

    There is an error in XML document (6489,1)

    Regards Guy

    • Hi Guy, Try logging out and logging back in. Let me know if you still have the issue at

    • Guy

      Yes it’s still happening, I also update my lists to remove the @prefix ie now home rather than @Home

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  • Paul

    Hey Juliana –

    This looks great, but I can’t get off the ground. When I launch the app, I keep getting this error:

    Value does not fall within the expected range.

    I’ve tried logging out and back in several times and have rebooted the device (T-Mobile HTC HD7).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Zenofit

    Hey Juliana,
    This app looks great. One thing I’ve been hoping for was the ability to use tags as an organizational tool for your todo list.
    I could tag a task “personal” and “computer” then have the ability to create a filtered list of tasks with only those tags.
    You could have other items that are for business tagged “business” and “computer” and could have a way to quickly create a filtered list based on those items.
    With the ability to quickly tag tasks and quickly filter by tags you could create virtually any kind of organizational workflow for you todos that you wanted.
    Just a thought and thanks again for such a super app.

  • VictorE

    Love the app, but wondering why smart lists with the “location” criteria is causing WinMilk to give me a “System.NullReferenceException NullReferenceException” error. If I remove the location criteria, the error goes away.

    • Hi Victor, thanks for reporting the bug. I’ll look into it and fix it as soon as I can.

    • VictorE

      Hello Juliana. When do you think WinMilk will support the location criteria? If it’s coming out soon, then I’ll leave the location in my tasks. If you think it will be several weeks, I’ll remove it.

  • Edward Unpingco

    Awesome Juliana! I read your version notes and sounds like we’re getting some good stuff in December :) Is it possible to add batch updates to the list, as well as smaller font option? Thank you for implementing WinMilk for us time management freaks :)

    • Hi Edward,
      Thanks for using WinMilk, and thanks for your ideas! I will take them into account, though they probably won’t be ready for the next update. I’m waiting to finally get my WP7 in about a week to really power up WinMilk’s development. :)

  • Gregory Stewart

    The app is GREAT! It’s going to help solve the huge dilema many people are currently facing not having their Tasks in Outlook integrated on the Windows Phone. I’m giving it a try after having setup a RTM account and its lovely, except for these two issues I’m having, which I’ve emailed Juliana on directly:
    1. When the application starts it takes at least 30 seconds to load the items under tasks, and whilst it’s loading, I’m unable to scroll up or down, until another few seconds. In general the response to my flicking up or down is very slow.
    2. Whenever I’m in the WinMilk Application, and I press the back button on my Windows Phone, instead of going back to the previous page, the menu at the bottom of the application first slides up (even if it was already up), then after a long pause it goes back to the previous page.

    Otherwise I LOVE it!!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

    • Jimski

      Curious Gregory. About how may tasks do you have displayed on the main screen and about how many total are downloading/updating to your device. I have an average of 10 on my main screen and maybe a total of 15 under All Tasks. When I open WinMilk it takes 3-4 seconds for the WinMilk logo to dissapear and another 4-5 for the five dots ….. to dissapear. I really don’t need to scroll during those 4-5 seconds as the 3 or 4 most pressing items are looking at me. Navigating around the app, including backing out, moves along pretty quickly with hardly any hesitation. Just wondering if a large volume of data is causing the slowdown.

    • Hi Gregory, right now WinMilk is a little slow when handling lots of tasks. I haven’t tested it much, so it would help a lot if you could send me the number of tasks you have in RTM and the number of tasks that appear in the tasks overview when the app launches. Please follow up at Thanks!

  • Belt

    Microsoft needs to hire you, NOW! You’ve accomplished something significant! If you could do a straight MS Exchange Sync version I’d want that too!

    • Thanks!! Right now I’m not interested in developing Exchange sync because I don’t the service myself. I’m a heavy RTM user and that’s why I developed this app. However, WinMilk is open source so anyone interested can base an Exchange sync app on it if they wanted to.

  • Laurent Parée

    Great ToDo application, Juliena !!!

  • Jimski

    Any update coming soon; Live Tile, category default, notes,,,
    Hope you finally have a WP7 device in hand and are thoroughly enjoying it.

    • Notes are done and will be released with version 1.3 later this month. Live tile and default list are not yet complete and will be released later.

    • Jason Perry

      Any recent news on the Live tile update? Absolutely essential for this to be on par with current expectations and/or competing apps.

    • MB

      Also interested in knowing if live tiles will be included as a feature.. Rememberthemilk should just buy your app! It’s terrific

    • AzA

      yes these are needed….i want these too

  • Mario Bosnjak

    When I try to sync my tasks or tags (lists are ok) for the first time, I get this error:

    Value does not fall within expected range.

    • Hi Mario, this is a known issue regarding smart lists and has been fixed for the next version of WinMilk. To help me improve this, could you send me your smart list searches? Please follow up at

  • Chris3003

    Hi – great app, thanks Juliana! Didn´t know RTM before finding your app in the W7 market place and finally have a solution for synching tasks with my W7 phone.

  • Mark

    A very promising app, I just haven’t figured out how to add/edit notes on my phone yet

    • Jimski

      Can’t add/edit notes on the phone yet. But that is a feature request.

    • Notes are done and will be released with version 1.3 later this month. :)

  • Please add Text Suggestions (wp7 default) to WinMilk. It makes entering tasks so much more productive.

    • Jimski

      +1 on that. Text suggestion helps with just about any entry, except for numbers and passwords.

    • Text suggestions has been added and will be released with version 1.3 coming later this month :)

  • Chris

    I loved winmilk but I now always get an Index out of Range Error when syncing
    even reinstall die not help :( cheers Chris

    • Lejbck

      I have the same problem. I haven’t gotten one sync to work. Will 1.3 fix this?

    • This is all fixed in 1.3 :)

  • Jimski

    After reading comments in WordPress and Zune Marketplace guess I am in the minority on this one, but I sort of like the black Live Tile instead of matching the contrast color. Would really like an updatable tile but I understand that’s looking a bit into the future. Why does everyone want every tile to be the same color. Boring and hard to find what you are looking for. Hey, if we make everything green and black we can call it a Windows Palm Phone. Really! 17 of my 37 tiles are the same color already. That’s more than enough for me.

  • I think that we could add tasks in offline mode. And latter sync with RTM.

    Excellent work so far! Congratulations.

  • WinMilk Fan!

    Help! I updated to WinMilk v1.3 for Windows Phone 7 and now every time I try to open the app I get the error message:

    “Error contacting server. The remote server returned an error: NotFound. Are you connected to the internet?”

    Yes my phone is connected to the internet. The app used to work beautifully so I am not sure what is wrong but this happens every time so I cannot access the app anymore. I have tried restarting my phone and uninstalling/reinstalling the app. Did not help.

    When I hit OK after the erro message I am given the option to retry but it always fails.

    Please help!

    • RTM’s servers are down at the moment, sorry! Hopefully this will be solved very soon. I’ve contacted the RTM team about this but I’ve yet to get a response.

  • Jimski

    Now that Notes is working (thank you for that), it would be nice if there was an icon or something on the tasks screen/task detail screen to indicate there was a note for that task. May only have notes for 15-20% of my tasks, but I have to flick over to notes for every task, just to be sure. I created a tag called note, and that works as long I remember to tag it, but something automatic would be slick.

    • Good idea, like in the actual RTM site. I’ll look into how this would work best.

  • maksim

    Juliana, is it normal when WinMilk doesn’t show recurrent tasks in “tasks” section? Or there is some conditions when it happens (like when recurrent task has due date set to current date + 25 days forward)?

    • Only tasks that are overdue or due within the next 7 days are shown in the “tasks” section. This includes recurring tasks. I’m trying to see how this could be customized in a future version. :)

    • Jimski

      If you plan to change this, please make it optional. Don’t really need to see things more than 7 days out on the Tasks screen. if I do I just go to Lists and I can see everything.

  • maksim

    Juliana, I’m sure that you have heard many times about lags during scrolling (everywhere). Do you have any ideas how to improve this situation? In my opinion this is the only major issue with this beautiful app for now.

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  • Jimski

    Any Live Tile goodness coming soon? Found an app called Smart Tile that lets me load up to four lines that get updated via push. Ok for now, but I bet a WinMilk live tile would be better.

  • Hi, just trying out RTM and WinMilk, thought I would let you know my startup experience. I installed WinMilk and signed in, but got a page telling me that script was required, and pointing me to the mobile version of RTM. After a couple of logins with the message “invalid FOB” (wrong spelling? It was something like that,) I pressed “retry” and was directed to the proper authorization page. Maybe it would be possible to change the URLs you’re pointing to in order to get the right sequence of events?

    I’m liking it so far, it’s very good work on the app! Thanks!

  • J Berlin

    Hi. I get a System.InvalidOperationException “There is an error in XML document (1022, 107).” error every time WinMilk runs or when I try to add a new task in Version 1.3. I’ve tried uninstalling the app, and removing the WinMilk approval in RTM, then reinstalling and approving again. Nothing works. Too bad because I loved WinMilk until I hit this problem.

  • Jimski

    Decided to give Clever ToDo a try yesterday. While the app is painful to use, with; no recurring tasks, no SmartAdd, no time due, no syncing, no text/email notifications and a confusing interface, the Live Tile is absolutely fantastic! Take a look at this screenshot from a WMPoweruser user: . I love the gray background that contrasts well with the text, the current/past due task count and the preview for the next two tasks. It would be nice if the app branding would slide off the tile when you have three tasks due, but I can live with that. The push tile updates quickly once things get going.

    I know there is a a bug with “push” live tiles, causing them to stop working for many users, which I hightlighted in detail here: but that has no effect on “pull” live tiles, which I believe is/was the WinMilk plan. Certainly wouldn’t mind a tile that only updated every one/two hours if it could look like the Clever ToDo tile.

    Please Juliana, don’t be like AT&T with their update wall of silence. Just let us know if a live tile is ever going to be a reality for WinMilk. And if that is still a “yes” (I hope so) then when? Running these two apps side by side now, but would happily send this new entry to the removed heap as soon as WinMilk gets some love.

    • Hi Jimski,
      Microsoft just announced today a new way for apps to manipulate live tiles for Mango, which is due later this year. I’d rather wait for that to be available than to build a complex, server based push or pull service. Also in the announcement were things like background notifications, so I’m really very excited to see how I can improve WinMilk with them. :)

    • Jimski

      Yep, I saw that in the keynote today. Thank you for a prompt and honest response. I will keep an eye out for future updates.

    • Michaelpdolan

      Thanks so much Juliana –

      One request from my point of view with your next version:  please fix the big delay I have every time I start up the app or make any view changes…  I have big lists (about 9 lists of a total of ~200 items) and the app can’t seem to handle all the data without being really slow… It also seems like it’s not really caching locally – rather having to sync with ever view change / start up.

      Thanks so much.  I’m a big fan.


  • Matt

    I need help.  I use outlook, bought a windows7 phone (instead of an iphone), thinking it would sync my outlook info.  It doesn’t do tasks.  I got a RTM account and uploaded my tasks to the cloud, then got this ap and tried to sync.  It locks up every time, and never loads, and the phone just gets stuck working.  I deleted the app.  Should I try again?

    • Anonymous

      Curious, how many tasks are you syncing? Wondering if there is simply too much data although you would have to be in the hundreds to have any kind of issue. I only have 15-25 active tasks at any one time and no sync issues. There had been issues involving improper syntax with Lists in RTM reported here, but I believe that issue has been resolved.

      I have not synced my Outlook with RTM (enter everything manually) but wondering if you can filter what gets uploaded so you can zero in on whatever does not want to sync.

  • Rishabh Jain

    I have just started using this app a month back and I am continuously getting an error “System.Argument Exception value does not fall within expected range”. Please help I have paid Remember the Milk Pro account only to get tasks on my WP7, because of the “stupid” move of Windows not to sync directly with Outlook.

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  • AzA

    good one

  • Is the project dead? i see on the codeplex page that there has not been any changes commited for a long while…

    Im really looking forward for the live tiles

    Also, there are a couple of features i would like to add in there (im a coder myself), but i dont want to spend the time to code those if my changeset will never get merged and uploaded to the marketplace…

    what is the timing for 1.4?

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  • Jason Perry

    I had the same initial experience as Jim Rogers – if I were to sum up this initial 5 minutes in one word … it would be “terrible.”  If it weren’t for reading Jim’s comment here, I probably would have given up rather than randomly pressing buttons until a thumbs-up was given.  I surely hope you put some effort into improving the “authorization” process – for the benefit of all those who have or will give up quickly.