This question was asked to me on Formspring. You can go to my profile and ask me anything.

I used to play board games and Age of Empires in (now MSN Games) and I onced changed my email and had to create a new profile. All my usual usernames were taken, so the site recommended some from a random list of adjective-noun pairs. One stood out among the list: “LimitedMage”. It’s unique (Google it and you only get results related to me) and I like to think of it as cool and bad-ass.

I kept using my other regular usernames (julip and julipena) for a few years, but eventually limitedmage stuck. I still use my other names for some sites (eg., but most of my online profiles now use what I consider to be my online identity.

In recent years I’ve decided to tone it down a little and use my real name for more serious stuff. For this reason, both my blog ( and my Facebook profile ( use my real name instead.