2010 has been an amazing year, my best one yet. There was a little bit of everything in 2010.

Highlights of the Year

  • January: Interviewed for Microsoft in Redmond
  • January: Returned to Mexico to start my 4th semester
  • February: Joined Hogar Geek as a contributing blogger and editor
  • March: Joined the Google Technology Users Group in Mexico City as a Chrome Extensions Developer
  • April: Attended the Google DevFest and presenting my Chrome Extensions
  • April: Joined my school’s CompSci Student Associacion, AESC, as a full member and participated in events like Dia ISC.
  • June: Moved to Redmond and started my internship at Microsoft
  • July: Travelled to awesome places in the Pacific Northwest, like the San Juan Islands, Portland and Leavenworth
  • July: Became a master at C programming and driver development
  • August: Finalized my internship and returned to Mexico to start my 5th semester
  • October: Became a Microsoft Student Partner
  • November: Published WinMilk, my first WP7 app


At the end of 2009, I made 10 New Year’s resolutions. How well did I fullfill them?

1. Get a job during the summer.

My first goal, and what will always define 2010 for me: the year I first had a real job, and the best job I could have imagined, at Microsoft.

2. Read at least one book per month.

Not really fullfilled. I’ve never read so few books in a year. I have, however, expanded my technical knowledge in subjects still very new to books, like WP7 apps.

3. Play only one story-driven game at a time, no switching until I beat the game.

If another change in me greatly defined this year, it was the end of my gaming obsession. I still love gaming, and I did mostly complete this goal (Fallout 3, then BioShock 2, then Assasin’s Creed II), I no longer feel the urge to game as I did before.

4. Write more blog posts, at least two per month.

Maybe not 2 every month, but I did write about 30 blog posts this year, which is an average of over 2 per month.

5. Keep programming, improve my current projects and create new ones. At least one new project every two months.

Instead of just pushing out new projects, this year was more about improving existing projects like ChromeMilk and Postponer, and pushing out the biggest project I’ve ever worked on, WinMilk. I started developing WinMilk when the WP7 tools first came out in March, and after returning from my internship in the summer, I have been developing it constantly. I finished it right on time for the US release of WP7 and it was the first Mexican app in the WP7 Marketplace. I’ve also been working on a few unpublished projects.

6. Eat healthier food and do some exercise at least twice a week.

I thinks I’ll skip this one. Needless to say, it was not fullfilled.

7. Be more open minded and try out things I wouldn’t otherwise.

Check. Awesome year filled with new experiences.

8. Be more outgoing and more open to friends and family.

My most outgoing time of my life was in Redmond, and I loved it. I’ve also made awesome new friends this year, and got to know existing ones better.

9. Watch TV shows and play games only on weekends, and study and do homework only on weekdays.

Mostly fulfilled, though there was always the exception for cliffhangers and heavy projects.

10. Be more kind and helpful to my friends, peers and family.

I’ve tried a lot this year to become more aproachable and kind to everyone, and I’ve really liked it.


2010 was a year filled with awesome firsts. 2010 was the year that marked the first time I ever….

  • ate sushi
  • used chopsticks
  • debugged remotely
  • used remote desktop
  • bought music online
  • rode a ferry
  • programmed a driver
  • had a job at a real company