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Migrating to

I’m in the process of migrating my online identity to a new domain. I’ve changed my main email address to and my website to All the old ones under will still work and redirect to the new one. A special thanks to for giving every participant in Startup Weekend Medellin a free .co domain. :)

Estoy en el proceso de migrar mi identidad en línea a un nuevo dominio. He cambiado mi email principal a y mi sitio web a Todos los viejos bajo seguirán sirviendo y redirigen a los nuevos. Un agradecimiento especial a por regalar un dominio .co a todos los participantes de Startup Weekend Medellín. :)

StickyTiles 3.0 released!

I’ve released a new update to StickyTiles! New in this version includes:

  • Use images as sticky backgrounds!
  • New streamlined and less cluttered UI
  • Edited tiles are now updated, not deleted and re-created
  • Now supports spellcheck and autocorrect

As always, all comments are welcome :) I hope you enjoy the new version!

Download StickyTiles

Arduino & Python Soundlight Spectrum

Continuing with my initial Soundlight project, I have modified the code to produce six distinct lights depending on the frequency of the music! Why six? Well, that’s the limit of the Arduino’s PWM (analog out) pins, so that’s as much as you can get with a single Arduino Uno. It works by using Fast Fourier Transforms to analyze the sound frequencies and find how much sound is coming out from each frequency range (special shout out to Luis for helping me understand this beautiful math!)

Here’s a quick demo video:

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Memechat: Use ragefaces and memes in Gmail and Facebook chat

Memechat on GmailMemechat on Faceboook

Have you ever wanted to use ragefaces or memes like Forever Alone Guy or Philosoraptor in Gmail or Facebook Chat? Well now you can! Using my super handy Chrome extension, just type[keyword] in your chat and the extension will automagically convert it to an image.

Examples include (forever alone), (philosoraptor), (classic f7u12), and (ME GUSTA face). For the whole list, visit and

Note: Both users will need to have the extension installed to see the rage faces and memes.

Get Memechat at the Chrome Webstore

Open source! Grab the code at GitHub. Based on the Facebook rage face extension by josePhoenix.

Arduino & Python Soundlight

I’ve built a shiny little Python program that will monitor your computer’s sound via the sound card’s stereo mix feature and send the volume level to an Arduino to change an LED’s brightness.

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