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What does ‘limitedmage’ mean?


This question was asked to me on Formspring. You can go to my profile and ask me anything.

I used to play board games and Age of Empires in (now MSN Games) and I onced changed my email and had to create a new profile. All my usual usernames were taken, so the site recommended some from a random list of adjective-noun pairs. One stood out among the list: “LimitedMage”. It’s unique (Google it and you only get results related to me) and I like to think of it as cool and bad-ass.

I kept using my other regular usernames (julip and julipena) for a few years, but eventually limitedmage stuck. I still use my other names for some sites (eg., but most of my online profiles now use what I consider to be my online identity.

In recent years I’ve decided to tone it down a little and use my real name for more serious stuff. For this reason, both my blog ( and my Facebook profile ( use my real name instead.

My Hardware Setup


Model: Dell Inspiron 1420

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz

Memory: 2 GB

Hard drive: 160 GB

Screen: 14 inch 1440×900

Graphics: nVidia 8400M GS


Mouse: Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000

Gamepad: Microsoft Xbox 360 wired USB controller

Tablet: Wacom Bamboo

USB flash drive: Kingston DataTraveler 8GB

External hard drive: Western Digital My Passport 320GB

Earphones: Sony MDR-EX71


Console: Sony PlayStation 2

Handheld: Nintendo DS Lite

Secondary handheld: GameBoy Advance SP


Primary: BlackBerry Pearl 8130 with Iusacell

Secondary: Nokia 2630 with Telcel

My Software Setup

Operating system: Windows Vista Home Premium

Web browser: Mozilla Firefox

Office suite: Microsoft Office 2007

Calender: Google Calendar

Email: Gmail

RSS Reader: Google Reader

Music player: foobar2000

Video player: VLC

Podcatcher: Miro

Torrent downloader: µTorrent

IM: Pidgin

Voip: Skype & Telmex Softphone

Backup: Mozy Home

Time management: RescueTime

Personal finance manager: Buxfer

Programming IDE: Visual Studio 2008 Express (C/C++ and C#) & Eclipse Ganymede (Java, Python, Ruby)

Text editors: Notepad2 & Notepad++

Decompressor: 7-zip

Virtual CD mounter: Virtual CloneDrive

Antivirus: Avast

Desktop search: Google Desktop

Widget engines: Google Desktop & Vista Sidebar

Awesome tiny utilities: Katmouse, PenAttention, gAttach, HEXelon MAX, Launchy

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