A school project I worked in with Alejandro Cruz and Carlos Meléndez. A platformer game for Java-enabled cell phones constructed using the Java ME SDK. Follow the story of a metalhead on his quest to defeat the horrible world of Pop.

The game was developed using Java ME’s LCDUI toolkit and has a flexible system for handling menus, levels and sprites. All art was made from scratch by Alejandro and Carlos while I did most of the programming.

The game features:

  • Platforms, jumping physics, and collision detection
  • Character animations with sprites
  • Two types of enemies
  • Attacks with projectiles
  • Two types of items
  • Background scrolling
  • High score storing
  • Challenge a friend by SMS

Download the executable Jar for your phone or grab the source code at Google Code: https://github.com/limitedmage/jmeplatformer/