icon173Trainer Toolkit is an app to help to help you with the awesome Pokémon series of games. Trainer Toolkit includes a number of features crucial to every Pokémon trainer, including:

  • Type chart for quickly looking up type effectiveness
  • Nature chart to check the stat boosts of all natures
  • EV counter to keep track of which stats you are training
  • Information on STAB and status ailments
  • Information on stats, including boosting and reducing items
  • Built-in Bulbapedia browser for looking up anything in the über-complete Pokémon encyclopedia

Additionally, Trainer Toolkit saves your state so that you always come back to where you were in the app and allows opening Bulbapedia links in IE.

Trainer Toolkit is now free in the Marketplace! If you like this app, please consider buying me a cup of coffee :)

Bugs or suggestions? Email pokemon@julianapena.com


Download Trainer Toolkit for Windows Phone 7