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Cómo crear una extensión de Chrome

Les comparto una presentación de cómo hacer una extensión para Chrome. Esta presentación la usé para un taller que di originalmente en el Día ISC del Tec CEM el 7 de abril de 2010 y luego de nuevo en FLISoL Toluca el 24 de abril de 2010.

Puedes descargar los assets del taller, incluyendo la versión PPTX de la presentación y todo el código separado en versiones. El producto final del taller, una extensión de lista de tareas, lo puedes encontrar en la Galería de Extensiones. El código del taller está bajo el GPLv2.

New versions of Postponer and ChromeMilk released

screen-gmailI’ve released new versions of my Chrome extensions Postponer and ChromeMilk.

Postponer 0.4 add a one-click add mode to Adder and customizable popup size to Manager, as well as a few bug fixes.

ChromeMilk 0.9.6 features a brand new icon as well as numerous bug fixes.

As always, you can get them from the Chrome extensions gallery:

Postponer Adder

Postponer Manager


Thanks to everyone that reported bugs, and a special thanks to Camila González for the new icon in ChromeMilk.

Please let me know of any bugs, issues, feature requests or just general comments you may have. Enjoy the extensions!

New version of Postponer, now with Google Reader integration!


I’ve released a new version of Postponer, my Google Chrome extensions for managing your Read It Later reading list. The best new feature is Google Reader integration. Now an icon will appear next to article titles so you can add the article directly to your reading list, similar to the official Firefox extension.

The Google Reader icon is fully customizable and you can modify its behavior in the new Postponer Adder options page.

You can get Postponer at its project page. As always, feedback is well received; if you find a bug or want a new feature, please report it.


Help me translate ChromeMilk and Postponer


 Image by Beekman

Google has sent me an email asking me to translate my extensions using the new Chrome Extensions i18n API. I’m only fluent in English and Spanish, but I want the whole world to enjoy my extensions. If you know any of the languages supported by Chrome and would like to help me translate, please let me know. You can read the documentation and take a look at the source code for ChromeMilk and Postponer. I’ll be providing two translations (English and Spanish) soon.


I’ve set up wiki pages for ChromeMilk and Postponer with the links to the people who have volunteered to translate.

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