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Portal Review


Portal, The Orange Box's puzzling suprise

I took advantage of Steam’s weekend deal and finally brought myself to buying The Orange Box, a collection of six amazing games published by Valve, three of which are new content, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. The first one I played and the one I was most looking forward to was Portal. Here are my thoughts.

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Braid Review

Braid has been finally released for PC!

Braid has finally been released for the PC!

Braid, the beautiful and award-winning Xbox Live Arcade title released last year, has finally been released for the PC. I bought it, I played it, and I loved it.

The game seems like you typical platformer on the surface. You run, you jump, and you kill enemies by stomping them. However, the interesting part comes up in its unique gameplay element: time manipulation.

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WarioWare Twisted! Review

wario_ware_twistedOne of my favourite games for the GBA is WarioWare: Twisted!, the crazy sequel to the original WarioWare, where you play through tiny little stages called microgames using the game’s unique motion-sensing cartridge.

You play through 15 different stages in Story mode to unlock different microgames. Every time you beat a set of microgames in Story mode, you get a souvenir, which can vary from an interactive toy to a song from the game’s soundtrack to a full-fledged minigame. You can also replay unlocked microgames in the Spindex mode.

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