WP7 is great, but it’s still missing some crucial, useful and just plain cool features that I really want on my phone. In no particular order, they are:

  1. Support for multiple calendars from one source, not just sync the primary calendar from each source
  2. Live tile to toggle Cellular data, 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth
  3. Smarter Marketplace search & sort
  4. Search music collection, not just Marketplace, in Zune app
  5. A way of closing toast notifications instantly, not just waiting for them to disappear Edit: This is actually already present by swiping right toast notifications
  6. Much faster third-party apps
  7. Integrate Word, Excel and PowerPoint with SkyDrive
  8. Support OneNote section groups and password-protected sections
  9. Improve IE rendering engine: support embedded video (HTML5, Silverlight, Flash) and support iPhone-compatible mobile sites ( doesn’t work?? Really?)
  10. Twitter integration in People and Pictures hubs: show Twitter stream in People hub and allow built-in uploading of pictures to Yfrog or Twitpic
  11. Facebook and Twitter official apps with push notifications
  12. Better contact management: merge duplicates (not just link them), allow more than one mobile phone per person
  13. Better maps: turn-by-turn navigation, address and place search outside US, show compass direction, save locations
  14. Store Zune playlists containing Zune Pass content in the cloud and be able to stream them through 3G and share them with friends
  15. Official Windows Live Messenger app, on par with iPhone app
  16. Camera should remember previous settings
  17. More API access to third-party apps, including:
    1. Live audio and video capture
    2. Sockets
    3. Compass
    4. Start page pinning
    5. Offline live tile updating without push notifications
    6. Zune collection
    7. Override Search button
  18. Video uploading to YouTube and other sites
  19. Skype and Google Voice VOIP
  20. More Xbox Live games! Some suggestions of games to port: Plants vs Zombies (iPhone, PC), Audiosurf Tilt (Zune HD), Dr Optics (Zune HD),
  21. Alphabet jumping in the apps list (right of Start screen), like in the People hub
  22. No WiFi disconnecting when locking phone
  23. Find My Phone over WiFi
  24. Show red line in Calendar day view to signal current time
  25. Calendar Week view in landscape mode
  26. Landscape mode for many more apps, especially Start screen, Zune, Xbox and People
  27. Better Gmail compatibility: Labels, archiving, etc
  28. Universal search for data in the phone via Bing app
  29. Basic built-in picture editing: rotating and cropping