wario_ware_twistedOne of my favourite games for the GBA is WarioWare: Twisted!, the crazy sequel to the original WarioWare, where you play through tiny little stages called microgames using the game’s unique motion-sensing cartridge.

You play through 15 different stages in Story mode to unlock different microgames. Every time you beat a set of microgames in Story mode, you get a souvenir, which can vary from an interactive toy to a song from the game’s soundtrack to a full-fledged minigame. You can also replay unlocked microgames in the Spindex mode.

The game's huge cartridge has a gyroscope inside!

The game's huge cartridge has a gyro sensor inside!

Each stage in Story mode features a different character, each with a unique set of games and style of play. Mona, for example, has games the require small spins. Kat and Anna’s games only use the A button. 9-Volt’s games are twisted remixes of classic NES games. Every microgame is different, and there are well over 200 of them to unlock. The motion sensor in the cartridge is not perfect, but it works really well.

There are also many different souvenirs to unlock. Souvenir games include air hockey, minigolf, a sewing game, and PYORO R,  where a cute little bird has to defend flowers from invading insects.

All in all, the game is very varied and unique, and a joy to play. It is one of the main reasons I still keep my GBA SP, even though I have a DS Lite: Rotation the GBA is way easier than rotating the DS. :D

If you have a GBA lying around, I highly recommend this game. It’s a fresh new take on portable gaming and it still feels innovative and extremely fun, even after four years of its original release.